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Feedback on the Coach-on-Site reception

COS services has become an important part of the total wellbeing services provided to our personnel. In the hectic work environment people many times need support for mental well-being. COS provides our employees with a possibility to meet a trustful person with whom one can share any kind of bothering issues, related to work or personal life. Working as an information worker brings more mental than physical challenges and with COS we can provide a unique support for our personnel. -HR director, ICT Company

Already during one session I realized how stuck I was in my own way of thinking. I started to see completely different opportunities after one coaching session. Brilliant! -Partner Manager, 32

My perception was strengthened: I need to invest in my own well-being before it's too late. -Specialist, female , 34

Nowadays people get easily exhausted at work, and talking to a coach could help them to understand the issues and how to proceed. -Anonymous, mid-sized software company

At first I was a bit sceptical but thank you, now I understood the bigger picture of the situation and that I had forgotten different alternatives. This opened whole new perspectives. Brilliant!

Afterwards it felt like I had just had a great massage. It was so good to have the chance to talk to someone who really listened to me.

The best in Coach-on-Site was the coach, her commitment, her professionalism, experience, practical tips, patience, ability to listen, ability to summarize and combine information, genuine help, flexibility.

Excellent opportunity to go through issues in personal or work life and time saving to be able to do it on-site! The coach is very good: insightful and knowledgeable, and has lots of thoughts and tools to give. - Anonymous, global ICT Company

I know my problem and I know how it should be solved but I don't think I can do it, I just keep repeating myself. Having regular sessions with a coach helps me stick to my goal.

Feedback on the Mennään metsään! wellbeing day

The wellbeing afternoon was brilliant! For once we had the kind of experience that really relaxed us and charged our batteries. The place in the heart of nature was soothing, the amount of meaningful program was sufficient and not too much. The instructors were knowledgeable and inspiring.

"The concept works." "I was completely relaxed and didn't think about work at all!" "For once I had to think a little about myself."

It was a very nice day! The Coaches were relaxed, cheerful personalities, so I didn't experience any "performance pressure".

I got to learn something new, asahi-yoga, and I gained real benefit;  something I can use to be more energetic at work. My mind rested while enjoying the beautiful autumn nature. it's nice to look back at the afternoon now.

People with positive attitude, you share good energy and positivity to others.