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CoS reception

Coach-on-Site™ reception is a professional coach's reception at your own business premises. The coach will be on site for a day or half a day by agreement and will have a reception in a conference room or other quiet space where you can talk undisturbed. Because the coach comes to the company's own premises, getting coaching is convenient for the employee.

The Coach-on-Site coach provides solution-focused coaching for 45-90 minutes at a time. The times of the coaching sessions are communicated before the coaching day between the coach and the coach. The coach can take 2-6 coachees a day, depending on the length of the sessions.

What can be discussed?

At the Coach-on-Site reception, both work and non-work related issues can be discussed. It is up to the coachee to decide the topic for each coaching session because he/she knows best what will bring him/her the most benefit.

Human being is a whole where everything affects everything. Well-being is best achieved if there is a good balance between work and leisure. The overall well-being of employees is an asset to business and a prerequisite for long-term success.

Only a contented human being thinks brightly, broadly and freshly and is able to support others to think like this. Only a contented human being experiences enthusiasm and passion."

-Eveliina Salonen

Examples of CoS topics

As examples of things that have been handled/ can be handled at the CoS reception we can mention:

  • difficulties in adapting to change
  • emotions and contradictions

  • brought about by change

  • transitioning to a new job or team

  • career options

  • underachieving

  • vicious circle of one's own thoughts

  • conflict in the workplace

  • inappropriate behavior

  • management challenges 

  • challenges of time and stress management

  • personality and behavioral differences

  • problems with self-esteem

  • developmental crises

  • changes and challenges in private life (move, divorce, illness of a family member etc.)

Any matter or factor that is important or burdensome for the employee can be addressed. We don't rule out any topics.

Who supports the superiors?

 Coach-on-Site reception in the workplace is a great way to support the wellbeing of managers and staff and find solutions to work and non-work related challenges. Confidential solution-focused coaching helps to structure one's own situation and strengthens one's confidence and ability to achieve goals.

Opportunity to pause

Everyday life can often be hectic, and sometimes it can be challenging to find a moment to stop and think about the most essential things in peace. Coach-on-Site reception can be a great opportunity to just breathe and structure your thoughts to keep your mind and goals clear in the middle of everyday life.

Responsible employer

Investing in people's overall wellbeing strengthens the image of the employer as a responsible workplace. The importance of human values as the basis for workplace choices is growing and employees appreciate the opportunity to structure their thoughts confidentially with a professional. Every employee is responsible for their own wellbeing, but the employer can support the wellbeing of the employees.

CoS Wellbeing day

Mennään metsään! (translation: Let's go to the woods!) is a wellbeing day concept where the Coach-on-Site coaches take employees to the heart of nature to relax and recover. 

Mennään metsään! wellbeing day provides relaxation in the middle of everyday working life. In the program of the day, it is essential to provide guidance on how to maintain your mental wellbeing in simple but effective ways, while at the same time boosting your spirit and strengthening the work community.

The studied effect of nature

According to a study by the Department of Psychology at the University of Jyväskylä, outdoor activities had immediate positive effects on emotional states and psychological detachment from work. Psychological detachment is central to recovery from work. People in the study also became more aware of the impact of nature on wellbeing, and this effect was further strengthened in the group.

 Walk in the woods

In the beginning of the wellbeing day the group of participants will be divided into several smaller groups  and employees will participate in activities they have pre-selected for themselves. For example, the program may include an hour-long walk in the woods, where guided well-being exercises and sensory opening are conducted while exercising.

Forest yoga and forest asahi

The wellbeing day can also include, for example, an hour-long forest yoga or forest asahi session that focuses on holistic body and mind care, with easy, body-opening exercises.

Individual coaching/Quick coaching

During the wellbeing day, Coach-on-site coaches can provide solution-focused individual coaching while walking or sitting, starting from for example in 30-minute quick sessions. During the coaching session the challenge at hand is explored from different perspectives so that the individual finds his/her resources to improve the situation. Coaching can be thought of as a luxury of everyday life where you can pause, breathe, talk and structure your thoughts with a professional coach. Thus, a person does not have to have major problems to come to a coaching session, although coaches are prepared to help with bigger challenges when needed.


The wellbeing afternoon was brilliant! For once we had the kind of experience that really relaxed us and charged our batteries. The place in the heart of nature was soothing, the amount of meaningful program was sufficient and not too much. The instructors were knowledgeable and inspiring.

"The concept works."      "I was completely relaxed and didn't think about work at all!" "For once I had to think a little about myself."

It was a very nice day! The Coaches were relaxed, cheerful personalities, so I didn't experience any "performance pressure".


How can we help? We are here for you!

We are a diverse group! Our team has a wide range of expertise to help your business. In addition to CoS reception and wellbeing days, our offering includes for example:

-speeches and workshops on development days

-wellness walks themed according to group needs (also as a part of a wellbeing day)

-well-being lectures themed according to the needs of the group (example themes: importance of thoughts and beliefs for well-being, recovery)

Ask us for advice if you cannot find the service you are looking for, we can give you tips and use our networks to find what you are looking for! The most important thing is that you get what you need.